Athletic Department

Mr. Steven J. Luppert
Athletic Director

Mr. Kurt Oettl
Assistant Athletic Director

Mrs. Christina Gibbs
Athletic Admin. Assistant

Athletic Department Mission Statement

The mission of the Winter Springs High School Athletics Department is to facilitate programs of excellence as defined by the Florida High School Athletic Association. By implementing a holistic approach that balances family, academics, and athletics, we will nurture the development of social responsibility and encourage the pursuit of post graduation career paths and athletic aspirations.  We will focus on providing for the safety and well-being of our student-athletes, our staff, and our fans and spectators.  We value the lessons taught by athletic participation, and seek to develop the personal, ethical, physical, and intellectual skills necessary for success beyond graduation.  Additionally, our staff and student-athletes will exhibit pride, respect, and integrity while representing our athletics department, our school, and our community.

Winter Springs Athletic Department Head Coaches

Mr. Will Bakanowsky - Boys Basketball                                      Mr. Curtis Smith - Football 
           Contact Coach Bakanowsky:   Contact Coach Smith     

 Mr. Rocky Ciero - Boys Golf / Wrestling                   Mr. Ocky Clark - Cross Country / Track and Field             
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             Mr. Scott French - Girls Golf                                               Mr. Scott Gomrad - Boys Wrestling       
Contact Coach Schaefer                                                                                  Contact Coach Gomrad:                                                          

              Mr. Mark Huaman - Softball                                                   Mr. Tony Morretta - Bowling   
             Contact Coach Huaman:                                                          Contact Coach Moretta:                                                                                                                 

             Mr. Kurt Oettl - Girls Soccer                                              Mr. David Nathanson - Baseball 
               Contact Coach Moretta:                                                        Contact Coach Nathanson:                 

   Mr. Jerry Saunders - Girls Basketball                               Ms. Jennifer Mallard - Girls Volleyball
             Contact Coach Saunders:                                                    Contact Coach Mallard:


   Mrs. Jennifer Williams - Cross Country       Mr. Greg Frederickson - Swimming  
                                                                                                                                                                     Contact Coach Williams:                                                Contact Greg Frederickson     

Mrs. Kelly Althof - Competition Cheerleading                                          Boys Lacrosse - TBA

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           Boys Volleyball - TBA                                                             Mr. David Gardner - Boys Soccer                                       

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              Mr. John Mosure                                                                    Ms. Leanna Maasarani
        Boys/Girls Weightlifting                                                        Strength and Conditioning 
       Contact Coach Mosure                                                Contact Coach Maasarani                          

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Mr. Ron Hill - Girls Lacrosse                                                      Mr. Doug Romberg - Tennis
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