Mission Statement

The ‘VICTORY’ Campaign mission is to enhance and support academic and athletic programs, create a lasting legacy for continued athletic success, and preserve greatness and opportunity for future BEAR students and athletes!  In doing so, the VICTORY Campaign leadership council, community partners and ambassadors, the steering committee, and the Winter Springs High School Athletic Department will work collaboratively to cultivate a sustainable donor base and solicit financial contributions and support.


Executive Board

Mr. Michael Radka - Chairman 

Dr. Mickey Reynolds - Vice Chair

Mr. Steven J. Luppert - Vice Chair

Leadership Advisory Board

The Honorable Mayor Charles Lacey - President


Our Vision for the Future

Priority #1

Engage our community partners to create meaningful and sustainable relationships

Priority #2

Solicit sufficient commitments, aid, and financial assistance to support short-term and long-term goals and initiatives

Priority #3

Transform the academic and athletic experience for students and athletes by utilizing support from community partners to enhance resources and fund capital improvements 

Support & Contribution

How to Support

Annual Giving
Annual monetary contributions from parents, alumni, community partners, and friends, provide critical and immediate funding vital to the overall success of the campaign. They assist in meeting emerging challenges and seek to energize new and existing growth and support.

Become a Volunteer
Dedicate your time by joining our Leadership Advisory Board, assisting with campaign events, and publicizing our information and initiatives via your personal contacts and social media accounts!

Corporate/Community Partnerships

 Align your corporate and community organization strategies with our customized philanthropic platforms. Widen your consumer base, broaden your sense of giving, and relay your mission more effectively.

Matching Gifts
Make use of your company's/organization's matching gift program. If eligible, request a matching gift form from your employer and send it completed and signed with your contribution!

In Kind Gifts
Donating equipment, valuable personal property, resources toward projects and initiatives, and other non-monetary forms of assistance are significant forms of giving!

Memorial & Tribute Gifts
Honor a special person or commemorate an exceptional occasion.  

Grant Funding Assistance
Solicitation of Local, State, and Federal grant funding can provide captive, readily available financial funding. Assistance with the drafting and submission process or offering up availability through your employer are excellent methods of providing support!