Dual Enrollment Information

July 28, 2020

*****Attention WSHS Students*****

The Deadline to Enroll in SSC for Dual Enrollment is Thursday, July 30!

Steps to Enroll: 1) Fill out the Enrollment Form that can be found at this link:

2) YOU DO NOT NEED A COUNSELOR’S CONSENT (SECTION 4) FOR THIS FORM PRIOR TO SUBMISSION! The process has been revised due to the current situation, and this section is no longer needed.

3) Submit your completed enrollment form to (without counselor signature) to:

4) As a courtesy, please also send this form to your WSHS counselor’s email address to make them aware of intention to do Dual Enrollment.

The Previous Steps are those that need to be completed by THURSDAY, JULY 30. The following steps can take place after the SSC enrollment deadline.

5) Fill out the course/class Registration Form that can be found at this link:

6) Submit your completed registration form (without counselor signature) to:

7) Send your Registration Form to your WSHS counselor’s email address. After your counselor has received your Registration Form, they will confirm with SSC your eligibility to take the courses/classes you selected.

8) SSC will send you send you a schedule, or a link with login information to view your schedule online. Please send a copy (or screen capture) of your SSC schedule to your WSHS Counselor. Your counselor will adjust your WSHS schedule to include your Dual Enrollment classes.

9) On August 10, check your WSHS schedule on Skyward to confirm your Dual Enrollment classes have been included.

10) Be sure to keep an eye out for communication from SSC regarding your course.

For any other Dual Enrollment questions, please email