First Day Procedures

August 09, 2019

Beginning of the day procedures

Students should proceed to the “First Period Locators” posted on the cafeteria and the back of Building 1 to find the location of their first period.  Even if you have a yellow schedule from Bear Bash or an old printout please check the student locators.  Many student schedules have changed.  Students will receive a revised PURPLE schedule from their 1st period teacher.  Students will follow their PURPLE schedule for the remainder of the day.

Schedule Changes

  1. Students that would like to make a schedule change can pick-up a Schedule Change Request form from outside the Student Services office between classes or at lunch.

  2. Once a Schedule Change Request Form has been filled-out and signed by a parent students can return the form at lunch to the auditorium and have the change made on the spot.

Bell Schedule


  1. Students should know which lunch they are to attend.

    1. 5th period classes in buildings  4, and 5 will attend 1st Lunch and then after lunch will head to 5th Period

    2. 5th period classes in buildings  2 (Gym and Weight-room), 6, 7, 8 and 9 will attend 5th Period and will then attend 2nd Lunch

    3.  Wednesday, lunch is based on 6th Period.  The same buildings will attend 1st or 2nd lunch as on any other day.


Mr. Clark, Dean of Students, will be issuing lockers to ONLY those students who would like one starting the first day of school, Monday, August 12, 2019. If a student is interested in a locker, please see Mr. Clark during the first week of school AT LUNCH. Last year, we did not assign many lockers simply because we found that students do not use them as much as they did in the past. Contact Mr. Clark (407 320-8709 or or Mrs. Gray (407-320-8716 or for more information.