SENIOR WEEK!  April 5-10, 2021

April 01, 2021

Seniors! CLASS of 2021!  

SENIOR WEEK!  April 5-10, 2021

Here are the captions for each dress up day: 

April 5 Day 1 College Day: Wear your future/favorite college t-shirt to school. Also don’t forget to attend Senior Sunrise at 6:30 AM on the football field for free Chick Fil A! 

April 6 Day 2 Senior Citizen: Dress up as your older self if not participating in senior switch. For senior switch, report to your senior switch teacher for the remainder of the day. 

April 7 Day 3 Flash Back: Flashback day! Dress up as your younger self to school! 

April 8 Day 4 Seniors v. Juniors: Wear black and juniors wear white in support of the powderpuff football players! The powderpuff game will be held at 6 PM at Wayne Epps Stadium 

April 9 Day 5 Last Year Luau: Senior Picnic from 10:30 AM-2 PM at Wayne Epps Stadium and make sure to wear Hawaiian attire as we celebrate the end of senior week! 

April 10 Day 6 - Sunset on Church Street/BJORNS.  Price $65.00