Welcome Back to 2nd Semester

January 04, 2021

Dear WSHS Community: 

Happy New Year!  Hope everyone had a restful and enjoyable holiday season and remained safe and healthy!

Welcome back to the 2nd semester of the 2020-2021 School Year!  We are excited to have our students back for the 2nd half of the school year! Whether they are face-to-face or continuing to learn from home, we will continue to support our students and families as best we can.  We have some information to pass on, so please take your time and read through this email. 

WSHS Community: Thank you for your amazing patience and flexibility as we work through this school year!  Our teachers have transitioned to teaching students face-to-face and at home through the Seminole Connect option.  This has been an incredible challenge for our teachers that they have met and excelled in.  Our student services team has worked hard juggling schedule requests and modalities and we cannot thank them enough for all their hard work!

Please pay attention to all the information in this email and send me any question you may have about anything!  If you are worried about something, send the question to me. I will do my best to answer them as quickly as possible.  

Health and Safety:  URGENT!  IMPORTANT! If your child is not feeling well, keep them at home.  Our Covid Manager, Assistant Principal, Mr. Jarzynka, has done a terrific job communicating with parents and students and supporting them through the school year and he will continue to do so.  Any questions, notifications, or concerns about the health of your student, please contact him:  DO NOT SEND YOUR CHILD TO SCHOOL IF THEY ARE NOT FEELING WELL.

Face Coverings/Masks:   Wearing a mask at WSHS is MANDATORY.   This policy will be strictly enforced and once again, if your student cannot follow this procedure I will be following up with the student and family. Please read over the SCPS expectations for masks.

Covid-19 and Mask Information:  Information concerning all COVID-19 related questions, please check this link: NOTE: Seminole County Public School is not doing temperature checks to attend the school day.  We do have temperature check procedures in place for athletic conditioning that is occurring before and after school.

Skyward Information: All students should check Skyward for Student Schedules.  Students can access Skyward by logging in to the Portal/Clever at and clicking on the Skyward Tile.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Students check your schedule before coming to school Monday morning. It may have changed since you last viewed it.

WSHS Bell Schedule:  See attached.

WSHS 20-21 Bell Schedule.pages 


We are excited to announce that breakfast and lunch meals will remain FREE to all children and teens 18 and under through the remainder of the 2020-2021 school year. 

All students will refer to the 2020-2021 Bell Schedule for lunch times.  

Lunch is based on what classroom location your middle block is each day.

1st Lunch – Buildings 6, 7, 9 

2nd Lunch – Buildings 2, 4, 5

Face to Face students - Monday, January 4: Face-to-Face students on campus can refer to the “First Period Locators” posted on the cafeteria and the back of Building 1 to find the location of their first period where students will receive a printed copy of their schedule from their first period teacher.  

Seminole ConnectSeminole Connect students will login to eCampus to access their classes during each class period (students must report/log in to class on time following the WSHS Bell schedule).   Students can access eCampus by logging in to the Portal/Clever at and clicking on the eCampus Tile.  What if I can’t find my class? Please follow the instructions on this link. If you still can’t find your course, please email your teacher directly.

What if I can’t login to the Portal/Clever/eCampus?  please visit the online reset tool here, or contact your teacher to reset your password, or contact the SCPS helpdesk at 407-320-0350.  **It is important to note that each student has a single account which gives them access to the computer, Portal/Clever, eCampus, and Skyward.  When a student’s password is reset it is reset for all services.**

Technology FAQs:

HYBRID students arriving on campus:  They must continue to enter through the front office to report to class.

HYBRID and OJT students leaving campus: They will need to exit through hallway by the front office (near the media center) if they leave during the school day.  Please do not exit using any other door on campus!  

Attendance: Attendance is going to continue to be taken for both Face-to-Face and Seminole Connect students.  NOTE:  Please be sure that Seminole Connect student log in and following the bell schedule. If a student is face-to-face and stays home and logs in from home, they will still be marked absent.  This is due to having accountability for what students are actually ion campus. 
If a student is going to be absent, please send a parent note to excuse the absence to Ms. Brown in attendance at and I would also highly recommend for parents and students to contact their teachers.  

Bus transportation: The Seminole County Public Schools Transportation Routing team has been busy ensuring that all eligible students returning to face-to-face learning have a bus stop in place and ready to go when school resumes on Monday, January 4, 2021.

Food/Drink Procedures:  No food or drink may be brought into school (IE: McDonalds, Starbucks, etc.) other than a student lunch.  Deliveries will not be accepted at the front desk or from a food vendor.

WSHS Athletics:  For the latest information on Athletic, please visit or email our Athletic Director, Mr. Gomrad at  For a complete list of coaches and their contact, please go to:

Thank you for going through all this valuable information! We are looking forward to continuing this challenging school year and will be staying optimistic and positive that 2021 will be a great year!  GO BEARS!

Please contact me with questions, Thank you!

Mr. Gaffney, Principal, Winter Springs High School