WSHS Community Update 5/11/20

May 12, 2020

Dear WSHS Community:

Hope everyone is staying safe and healthy.  I wanted to start off by saying THANK YOU to the entire WSHS community for all the support during these uncertain times.  The community has been amazing in providing food for our WSHS Food pantry and we even had one of our students making masks for families in need.  This has truly been a team effort in every way.  Keep it up WSHS!

To our WSHS students regarding Distance Learning: Keep pushing forward!  We are almost there with our last day being right around the corner!  Students, please keep working and completing your assignment.  Make sure you are doing whatever it takes to get your work completed.  To our seniors, you are just weeks from graduation!  Please do not allow classes to hold you up in receiving your diplomas.  Let us know if you need our support and we will do whatever it takes to support you!

We have provided a number of updates for you below including our WSHS Distance Learning Students of the Week! Enjoy!

WSHS School Access Schedule For Appointment ONLY until end of May

MONDAY: Schools Closed

TUESDAY: Open 10am-2pm by appointment only (i.e.; laptop issues, food pantry, appointments for pick-up, etc.)

WEDNESDAY: Schools Closed

THURSDAY: Schools Closed

FRIDAY: Open 10am-2pm by appointment only (i.e.; laptop issues, food pantry, appointments for pick-up, etc.)

Congratulations to our WSHS Distance Learning Students of the Week:

Student's Name

Alexis Robinson

Alyssa Tallman

Amar Sejfic

Andres Manzano

Angel Aybar

Angel Williams

Anthony Ovalles

Carlos Lima

Carlos Perez

Carlos Samayoa Aragon

Carter Brones

Chloe Rozon

Christian Cruz Ortiz

Christopher Ramirez

Danielle Devittorio

Danna Fonseca Rosado

Deztini Williams

Elier Colon Diaz

Emily Tran

Fabian Aviles Lorenzo

Gabe Fernandez

Gabriel Sellers

Hailey Jasper

Henry Lugo Principe

Isaiah Jones

Jadyn Kelsey, Victoria Robinson

David Sherman

Avalon Voorberg

Logan Whitman

James Pritchett

Jamie Potts

Jarelis Rivera

Jasmine Glimmann

Jehieliz Hernandez Soto

Jerryel Torres Velez

Johancel Brito Delvalle

John Mercando Delvalle

Jolisha Howard

Joseph Burgess

Juan Flores

Juan Narvarez Rodriquez

Julie Wolfe

Julie Wolfe

Kai Li Howard

Kiara Montero Pena

Lisa Diaz Vargas

Lydda Nieves-Cardona

Madeline Guzman

Madisen Byrd

Mia Fernandez

Milaya Phillip

Miracle Byars

Natalia Ortiz Negron

Nathan Tinder

Nemanja Radovic

Nicandro Lucas Garcia

Nicole Valeds

Olivia Song

Paola Pacheco Albino

Quiara Arroyo

R.J. Mays


Riley Hazel

Ryan ODendahl

Sabrina Ostrander

Sam Marcus

Santiago Moreno Jaramillo

Sara M Arguello

Sara-James Ranta

Sarah Riddick

Scarlett Farrington

Sebastian Yordan

Siera Brown

Sierra Brown

Sierra Meyer

Skylar Sabacinski

Sofia Dicus

Suleyka Osorno

Tavares Robinson

Tavares Robinson

Tiffany Torres

Vadim Sinchenko

Valeria Ali

Vianka Perez Colon

William Hevia

Yasmi Hernandez Aponte

Zara Ali

AP Reminders: Parents, as our AP students start their online, at-home AP testing, please help them by doing your best to provide a quiet, encouraging environment for your students to test in. Remember, these tests determine whether our students receive college credit! Testing starts Monday, May 11th through Friday, May 22nd. As a reminder, your student should log in 30 minutes BEFORE their required start time to get through mandatory security questions for every test they take. Students will receive their “testing ticket” for each exam in their College Board account and emailed to them directly 48 hours before each exam day. If you have any questions, please contact Assistant Principal Kristi Draus at

WSHS Yearbook Update: Purchase Yearbook 2020 @ Use Code: Perez for a $5 Discount. Follow Yearbook on Facebook    ?WSHS Yearbook. Follow Yearbook on Twitter  WSHSYRBK2020.  Yearbooks are arriving mid-May and we will be announcing shortly how to pick them up from the school!

20-21 Course Requests Can Now Be Reviewed Online: Attention All Students Attending Winter Springs High School Next Year! You can now see your course requests for the 20-21 via your Skyward Student Access Account.  Please take time to review your course requests for next year.  If you would like to change one or more of your course requests, you may make a change request by using the link below.  We will be accepting change requests up until Friday, May 22.

WSHS Young Men and Women of Excellence: WSHS Students and Families: Are you interested in joining our WSHS Young Men and Women of Excellence Programs next year? Please click the first link for a message about our Young Men and Women of Excellence classes. Then, click the second link to apply today!

Thank you, Mrs. Draus, Assistant Principal, WSHS

SCPS MEAL DISTRIBUTION UPDATE:  If asked by a family or student, here is the information you can provide. Meal Distribution Schools near WSHS Monday thru Friday from 10:30am – 1:00pm.  Layer Elementary is close to WSHS. Might be a great option for you! Also, remember that Casselberry Elementary and Winter Springs Elementary are also pick up sites if that is closer to your home. Go to SCPS website for more locations. GO BEARS!

The Sharing Center: The Sharing Center is now offering rental assistance to families impacted by COVID-19.  At this time only rent/mortgage assistance is available.  Applications can either be dropped off Monday – Friday between 9 am – 12 pm, faxed to 407-332-0535 or emailed to    We have attached the application but families can also access it via the website. Please visit for additional information! --Jania Fuller, MSW

Orlando Sentinel Opportunity for Families: Dear SCPS Class of 2020 Families: Since our High School Seniors aren't celebrating graduation in their normal typical way this year, the Orlando Sentinel has created this free photo gallery in their honor, with heartfelt congratulations for a job well done. To participate, students simply select the county their high school is located in, then upload an image (no professional proofs) of the graduating senior you would like to feature, include high school name, what their plans are after graduation, and any special messaging. For more information, please

Need Bright Future Hours? Christian HELP would love to connect with students at Winter Springs High School, Lyman and Lake Howell.  They are accepting Bright Future volunteer paperwork and applications for students that are wanting to do their Bright Future hours?  They may not be onboarding them until July, but we are offering the opportunity so we are ready when the time comes.  They can go to this link and indicate it’s for Bright Future hours or email me directly at

WSHS Seniors Class of 2020 UPDATES:

LAST DAY FOR SENIORS: Friday, May 15 is last day for seniors. Please make sure you get your work completed by May 15. Make sure you are in touch with your teachers to make sure you meet all requirements.

PLATO classes: Seniors, and I cannot stress this enough. Please make sure you are completing any PLATO courses you need to finish. Graduation is right around the corner. These classes must be finished in order to graduate.

Senior Celebration Committee News: WSHS SENIORS! Mark your calendars! Friday, May 15, 2020 from 11am-2pm here at WSHS! FREE Chick-Fila for WSHS Seniors! Class of 2020! A big thank you to the Senior Celebration Committee for putting this together! Pick up your FREE CHICK-FIL-A on the last day of senior classes - May 15th from 11am-2pm at WSHS. Seniors, bring your ID and decorate your car! Seniors, in order to maintain social distancing and follow all safety measure, we ask that you stay in your car, pick-up your Chick-Fila thru our homemade drive-thru and head off campus to enjoy your meal! Again, Make sure you remain in your car at all times. Thank you!

Virtual Senior Week: NEXT week – Monday, May 11-Friday, May 14. Seniors, please have fun with this next week! Patriciate all you can and have fun with the week. Please tag through Instagram and twitter! @wshs_co2020 and add #wshs20sw. @petes_dragons and @papagaff_wshs

Mon, 5/11 Flashback Ten – post a picture from your childhood

Tues, 5/12 Old/New Alma Mater–post a picture of WSHS/Future College

Wed, 5/13 Forward 10 – post a picture of your life 10 years from now

Thur, 5/14 Time Capsule-post a picture from favorite memory from HS

Fri, 5/15 Day in Paradise-Dress for beach or picture from a vacation


The Class of 2020 Senior Survey will be live starting TODAY, Monday, May 4th and open through Friday, May 15th. The Senior Class survey will capture data about the Class of 2020, including post high school plans, scholarship money awarded, and reflection of their high school experience. If a student was enrolled at your school as of March 16th, the student will utilize their student id number to access the survey with the link provided below. If a student is unable to access the survey or is new to your school, as of March 17th, they can use the provisional link provided below.

How to Access the Survey:

For Grade 12 students enrolled as of March 16th

2019-2020 Senior Survey

Senior Survey Provisional Link – for students who enrolled after March 16th

Caps and Gowns News: Our WSHS Class of 2020 caps and gowns are beginning to arrive! Pick up is scheduled for Wednesday, May 27. Exact times, location and procedures to be announced. We plan to have Herff Jones available if you need to exchange your gown, or have any other issues or questions. We are coordinated our pick-up day with all the other SCPS high schools, so Herff Jones would be available for our SCPS students and families upon pick-up. Call Herff Jones 407-647-4373 if you need to order your camp and gown – it’s not too late!

Senior Transcripts Request: Seniors, please fill out the form below to request your transcripts be sent electronically to the school of your choice after graduation. You may also choose to have two transcripts printed for pick-up.

Dance Information: The Dance on Thursday, June 11, 2020 or Thursday, July 16, 2020 is still being planned. A lot depends on the guidelines for social distancing and CDC regulations. We are doing our best to keep up with the changes that seem to be happening on a daily basis. Our goal is to try to incorporate as many senior activities in our dance night as possible (IE; Senior video, Yearbook, signing, dance). Seniors, if you have input on this night, feel free to send me an email,

Graduation: We are still holding out hope for graduation. Our June date is still on the books. If we do need to postpone it, we would do so around June 1st. Let’s hope we can make it happen! Fingers-crossed!

Decorating Caps: ALL SCPS High Schools will be allowing our students to decorate their caps for graduation! Procedures and expectations to come, but all the SCPS high schools are allowing this for the Class of 2020.

Graduation Tickets will be limited to 5 tickets per person! Take note of this!

Graduation Plan #1 *(provided social distancing rules have been lifted)

Friday, June 12th – High School Graduations will be held at each High School on the Football Field at 8:20 p.m., which is military time for 2020.

Saturday, June 13th – Rain Plan: If it rains the evening of June 12th, Graduations would occur the next morning on June 13th @ 8:20 a.m.

Graduations would be live-streamed for spectators unable to attend in-person.

Graduation Plan #2 *(provided social distancing rules have not been lifted by June)

Friday, July 17th – High School Graduations will be held at each High School on the Football Field at 8:20 p.m., which is military time for 2020.

Saturday, July 18th – Rain Plan: If it rains the evening of July 17th, Graduations would occur the next morning on July 18th @ 8:20 a.m.

Graduations would be live-streamed for spectators unable to attend in-person.

Lights on Event for May 22 (our original Graduation Night): WSHS Celebrates the Class of 2020: On Friday, May 22, 2020 at 8:20pm for 20 minutes and 20 seconds we will be turning on our lights to signal our support for the WSHS Class of 2020 Seniors on what was supposed to be our original graduation date. Due to social distancing guidelines, people cannot attend this event in person, but may drive by the stadium. We promise to post pictures once again on social media for all to see! GO BEARS!!!!

Thank you, Seniors! This has been very difficult for everyone but we will make the best out of it! Please let me know if you have any questions. Email me at