WSHS Technology Help

April 08, 2020

Here are some Q&A’s for Technology Help!

1. Where do I find my classes? Students need to log into their Portal through SCPS at Once there, students will find most of their classes in the eCampus tile. It is possible a few teachers may have their classes in Google classroom. Click here for a list of teachers and where to find their courses!

2.  What if I can’t login to the Portal/Clever?  please visit the online reset tool here, or contact your teacher to reset your password, or contact the SCPS helpdesk at 407-320-0350. (See detailed password reset information below).  **It is important to note that each student has a single account which gives them access to the computer, Portal/Clever, eCampus, and Skyward.  When a student’s password is reset it is reset for all services.**

3.  How do I access eCampus or Google Classroom?  For instructions on accessing eCampus click here; for instructions on accessing Google Classroom click here.

4. What if I can’t find my class? Please follow the instructions on this link. If you still can’t find your course, please email your teacher directly.

5.  What if I still see old courses in eCampus?  You may see old courses there. That is normal.  You only get added to courses; you don’t get removed.  Your expectation is to participate in your seven current classes.

6.  What if I get an Access Denied error in eCampus?  This error is resolved by clearing the cache in the Google Chrome Web Browser.  Alternatively you can access your courses by going to Courses -> All Courses

7.  What if I still need to checkout a device?  Please see the information below about the Laptop Exchange Program & Laptop Checkout below.

8.  What if I’m having trouble with the school owned device I borrowed?  Please see the information below about the Laptop Exchange Program.

9.  How do I clean the school owned device I borrowed?  Please view this link for cleaning details.

10. What if I can't get an assignment from my teacher to work?  Try another web browser.  We always recommend Google Chrome.  You may also need to clear the cache on your web browser.  If this doesn't work pelase email your teacher directly.

11.  Where can I find my grades?  Skyward is still the official gradebook and can be accessed at

12.  How can parents become eCampus Observers to see their student's online content?  Please visit

If you have additional tech trouble, please access the Student/Parent Technology Help Information below!  Helpful videos have been provided for students on using Microsoft Office Tools as well as Google Tools!

For Student/Parent Technology Help Click Here

Password Resets

With distance learning officially starting Monday, your child may not remember their password. If you find that this is an issue, you can go to and reset their password. As long as the primary guardian has an email address associated with your child, in Skyward FamilyAccess, you will be able to reset their password quickly. If you do not have an email associated with your child and you have a Skyward FamilyAccess account, you can log in and add your email address. If you are unable to add your email account in Skyward FamilyAccess, you are able to call you child’s teacher to reset the password or you can call the SCPS Help Desk at 407-320-0350. Please be aware that while we’ve added as many available staff as possible, the SCPS Help Desk is experiencing a high call volume.  We ask for your patience and understanding as we continue to work hard to do everything possible to support our students and families during these challenging times.

Laptop Exchange Program & Laptop Checkout

Implementation Date: Monday, March 30, 2020

You will need to make an appointment at the school for this program.

Thank you for your cooperation this week with the laptop checkout process at our high schools.  If your family was unable to check out a device this week and you are still in need of one for your children to use at home, SCPS has you covered. 

Beginning Monday, March 30, 2020, families who do not have a laptop at home will be able to check one (1) device out from any school which one of their children attends.  However, as a reminder, because our resources are limited, these devices are only for families who do not have a device for their children to work on at home and only one laptop will be issued per household.

Also, beginning Monday, March 30, 2020, Seminole County Public Schools will begin its Laptop Exchange Program. If your district provided laptop experiences problems, you may return the device to the school your child attends. The school will exchange the device for you. A parent or guardian, along with the student, must be present to exchange the non-working device. The parent or guardian will be required to present photo identification and sign an updated device check-out form. The student’s account must be logged into the device, before leaving campus, to ensure it will function properly at home.  All exchanges require both the laptop and the power adaptor be returned.

Students must save their work in the cloud, such as their SCPS provided OneDrive account.  Students can access their OneDrive by logging into the Portal and clicking on their Office 365 tile. Click on the “waffle” in the upper left corner of the browser window and you’ll find your OneDrive link. Schools will not be able to retrieve information saved on returned laptops.

When visiting our schools, we ask that you adhere to current safety guidelines, which includes social distancing. Once you let the school know you are there to exchange a device, you will be asked to wait in your car until the new device is ready. The device you originally checked out was clean, so we ask that you clean the device, following the cleaning guidelines provided during check-out, prior to returning it to the school.

SCPS HelpDesk Live Chat Support (during normal business hours)

SCPS has just implemented a new feature on the SCPS website ( They now have virtual live agents that users can use to get technical support.

Parents, Students, and Employees can utilize the live chat feature for assistance.  The “chat” icon is at the bottom right of the SCPS website.  Please see image below!