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Nurturing student development of social responsibility, encouraging the pursuit of post graduation career paths, and fostering athletic aspirations.

The mission of the Winter Springs High School Athletics Department is to facilitate programs of excellence as defined by the Florida High School Athletic Association. By implementing a holistic approach that balances family, academics, and athletics, we will nurture the development of social responsibility and encourage the pursuit of post graduation career paths and athletic aspirations.
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Director's Message

The Athletic Department is looking forward to many exciting athletic events throughout the year.

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Athletic Resources

We value the lessons taught by athletic participation, and seek to develop the personal, ethical, physical, and intellectual skills necessary for success beyond graduation.

Eligibility/Clearance Paperwork

Make sure you get all of your physical paperwork completed by a doctor with a photo copy of your birth certificate and insurance card.

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We have some of the best coaches. See a list of our sport programs and their coaches.

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Stay Connected

Stay connected with Winter Springs High School athletics teams on Twitter.

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Sports Medicine

The sports medicine department at WSHS strives to offer the best care for our athletes that we possibly can. A key component that will allow us to be successful, is having all concerned parties (the athlete, parents, coaches, and sports medicine staff) on the same page. Learn More about Winter Springs Sports Medicine.

Sports Programs

With over 30 sports programs, there's a variety of ways to participate in Winter Springs High School athletics. We appreciate any and every relationship you choose to have with our various athletic programs. Whether your commitment is attending events, financially contributing, becoming involved in our Bear Athletic Foundation, or volunteering, we are deeply grateful for your support of the Bear Athletic Family.