School Advisory Council

Hall in Winter Springs High School

The purpose of this Council shall be to promote a secure and stimulating environment for the education of our students. The Council shall also encourage communication and involvement among faculty, parents, community and students. Such involvement shall be in accordance with CSSB 1992 - (Chapter 97-279, Laws of Florida).

The Council is composed of the following members: Principal, 3 instructional personnel, 1 non-instructional personnel, 6 parents or community people, 2 students.

Meetings take place every third Tuesday at 5:00 pm in the WSHS Media Center.

The main function of the SAC is to write the annual School Improvement Plan. SAC also oversees a budget based on student enrollment and granted from the state. Such things as FCAT tutoring, student recognition and teacher grants are funded. SAC also welcomes concerns from parents and community members.